Silk update

Interviews for the current competition are due to start on 20th September and run until 11th October – there are likely to be around 170-190 people selected for interview, so this is a fairly tight timetable.  The QCA hope to let candidates know if they are through to interview on either Thu 6th or Fri 7th Sep – my guess is that it will be the Thu 6th Sep at around 4.30pm by email.

If you’d like interview prep help, then get in touch with me by email as soon as you have a date firmed up for your silk interview, even if you have a date late in the window, as our two hour interview slots this year are also competing with a number of judicial competitions running at the same time ……………..  Once we get details in, the scheduling process is like a big jigsaw, it just takes about 24 hours to take shape, so if you don’t hear back from us immediately, please don’t panic!

Interview prep sessions are Mon-Fri, 10am-12noon; 1-3pm; 3.30-5.30pm.  We can occasionally do 6-8pm but we wouldn’t recommend it as the session is quite tiring after a long day in court.  Costs are confirmed here:

We are trying not to allocate slots now to be sure we have sufficient slots available for those who have early interview dates.

Results for this competition will be announced late in Dec 2018 and the silk ceremony for those who are successful after interview is likely to be on a Monday in late February 2019.

We are also expecting an announcement from the QCA about changes to the current process to take effect from 2019 ……….

Good luck one and all, and hear from you soon.


Changes to next HCJ competition

The JAC is looking to make some changes to the application process for High Court Judge due to launch in Oct 2018 – here is a summary:

“The JAC has reviewed the selection process for the High Court exercise and introduced a more streamlined application process this year. It will involve:

  • an extended application window of 8 weeks, expected to open in October
  • assessment against a concise list of the required skills and abilities for the High Court
  • a letter of application detailing how you demonstrate the skills and abilities, with specific examples from your experience that make you suitable for the role
  • a brief, factual CV
  • online registration of your profile and preferences

Candidates can create an online account before the exercise launches. Your account includes personal, character and diversity profiles that can be created and updated at any time. The letter of application and CV are to be submitted by email.”

Judicial competitions – further update

  • Fee paid FTT – role play and interviews 18 June-3 Aug
  • Circuit – interviews and situational questioning 16 July-7 Aug
  • DDJ – role play and interviews 9 Aug-21 Sep
  • DDJ Mags due to launch Sep 18
  • Recorder – scenario test 11 Sep
  • Employment Judge – selection day invites 21 Sep – Situational Q’ing and ints 10-18 Oct
  • Upper Tribunal, I&A Judge – launches 11 Sep – deadline 25 Sep
  • Insolvency and Companies Court – results due Oct
  • DJ (civil and family) – launch Oct
  • FTT launch – Oct or Nov
  • High Court Judge – awaiting details – likely to be Nov

Quite a relentless timetable ……. plan your time carefully for applications and selection days.  And shout if you need help!

Judicial competitions update

  • Employment Judge deadline for applications 2 July
  • Recorder deadline for applications 3 July
  • FTT role play and interviews 18 June-3 Aug
  • Insolvency and Companies Court – know from 2 July who is through to selection day 16-19 July
  • Circuit interviews and situational questioning 16 July-7 Aug
  • DDJ role play and interviews 9 Aug-21 Sep
  • DDJ Mags due to launch Sep 18

Quite a busy summer ……. plan your time carefully for applications and selection days.  And shout if you need help!

Recorder competition

A “NEW” Recorder competition is due to launch on 19 June:

  • 250 vacancies
  • Crime, civil and family vacancies
  • Process: multi choice test – online scenario – selection day with interview and role play

Watch this space for further details.


Potential changes to the Silk process – HAVE YOUR SAY

The QCA are currently reviewing 2 elements of the QCA silk process:

  • should you list ALL substantive cases for the 2-3 year period and ALL assessors to avoid “cherry picking”
  • wider character and integrity reviews

The deadline for comments is 31 July 2018 and changes may then be introduced for the 2019 competition.

Response contact details available from the QCA website – linked here.  Scroll down to “Potential Changes” section on Home page.


Competition updates

There are a lot of competitions ongoing at the moment:

  • HCJ results due in May 18
  • CA interviews and presentations 15-17 May with results due in July 18
  • DHCJ s9(4) Telephone Assessments are 10-17 April and interviews and role play are 6-13 June
  • Circuit Judge deadline is 5 April with situational questioning and Interviews 16 July – 7 Aug
  • Fee paid FTT – QT results due 8 May – role play and interviews 18 Jun – 3 Aug
  • DDJ – QT is 17 April – role play and interviews 9 Aug – 21 Sep
  • Insolvencies and Companies Court Judge competition for 3 vacancies due to launch in May 18
  • Silk sift results Sep 18, with interviews Sep — Oct 18

We can help with applications, selection prep and we are running a 30 min tips/techniques for Telephone Assessments if you are interested in that for current DHCJ competition.  £150+VAT for the 30 min session by phone.

See timeline summary of competitions in Resources section