Silk 2017 results

Congratulations to all those who got silk in the 2017 competition.

We are delighted to have worked with 45/119 of the new silks in some shape or form (feedback on previous applications, big picture review, application form, interview or all of the above! ).  Our success rate was 54% compared with 44% for the whole competition.  So we worked with  38% of all the successful silks this year and 11/17 of the women we worked with got silk, with a 65% success rate.  We are very proud of these statistics.

The 2018 competition will launch mid-February, so start planning your application early as there is only likely to be a 5 week deadline period to get your application sorted out.  ………. and let us know if we can help or run a Silk Taster session in your chambers.


Judicial appointments due to launch soon ….

What’s coming up in the next few months?

  • DHCJ s9(4) – launches 18 Jan – deadline 1 Feb.  Annual competition.  20 vacancies.  No previous judicial experience required
  • Fee paid FTT – launches 31 Jan – deadline 14 Feb – 250 vacancies.  Competition runs every 18 months
  • Court of Appeal – launches 1 Feb – deadline 15 Feb – 7 vacancies from this summer.  Annual competition
  • Deputy DJ – deadline 15 Mar – 300 vacancies – competition only runs every 2 years
  • Circuit – launches March – annual competition

Lots to interest everyone there.  Get in touch if you’d like more information about how we can help.

And happy new year ………..

Judicial programme for appointments

Latest update from JAC website about future appointments:

The MoJ commissions the JAC to run a selection exercise in a vacancy request setting out the number of posts, the jurisdiction and or the circuit or region. Each year the JAC jointly agrees with the MoJ, HMCTS and Judicial Office which selection exercises are to be commissioned for the following financial year.

The Forward Programme for 2017 to 2022 indicates likely future needs for recruitment. Some exercises may be generic to a particular level, such as First-tier Tribunal or Circuit Judge, rather than specific to a jurisdiction or location. Specific details of ad hoc requests for a selection exercise, for example from other government departments, will be published as soon as possible before the exercises are launched.

Anticipated frequency


  • Senior appointments: Court of Appeal Justice, High Court Judge
  • Courts: Circuit Judge, District Judge, Authorisation to sit as Deputy High Court Judge section 9(4), Authorisation to act as Deputy High Court Judge section 9(1), Recorder, Deputy District Judge

Every 18 months

  • Tribunals: Salaried Judge of the Upper Tribunal, Deputy Judge of the Upper Tribunal, Salaried Judge of the First-tier Tribunal, Fee-paid Judge of the First-tier Tribunal

Every 2 years

  • Courts: District Judge (magistrates’ courts), Deputy District Judge (magistrates’ courts)

Silk results

Silk results will be received by applicants TODAY (14 Dec) by email after 4pm.  Public announcement will then follow in next few days.

Good luck one and all.

Silk results ……..

Update from the QCA:

“We hope that the announcement of the outcome of the competition will be made before Christmas, but as of today (7 December) we still do not know whether that will be possible, let alone exactly when any announcement could be made.  We will update the website as soon as we have any more information.  We have been informed that the Ceremony is likely to be held on Monday 26 February 2018, at Westminster Hall.”

Fingers crossed we know soon …………..

DHCJ competition

Next DHCJ competition is due to launch on 18 jan 2018 – there will be a 2 week window to submit applications, so start now ……….

High Court Judge competition launches

Launched on 2 Nov and closing date is 16 Nov at 1pm.

No previous judicial experience is required.

25 vacancies.

Process: complete a full self-assessment form, provide the names of 2 independent assessors, and provide 2 significant pieces of written work.  This written evidence can comprise legal advice, a legal opinion, or a document that demonstrates legal analysis such as a published article (as sole author), public lecture, judgment, ruling or anything else that you consider appropriate.

Link here to JAC website for details.