Big Bang for lawyers: what’s it all about?

Big Bang for lawyers: what’s it all about?

Ten thousand law firms across the UK are marching in solid phalanx towards the cliff-edge – Big Bang for lawyers is due to happen on 6 October 2011, when external equity investment will be permitted in English law firms for the first time and “Tesco law” will allow in new and very different competition.  Private equity and M&A are circling and armed to the teeth, and despite their protestations even the largest City firms should be thinking differently.  A few leading edge coaches are already working flat-out helping leaders keep clear heads.  But most law firms are in classic Kubler-Ross cycles – were in denial, now in suppressed panic, and most coaches haven’t woken up to the vast opportunity and need for their services.  In sharp contrast to the hyperbole of this blurb, Professor Stephen Mayson, a world authority on law firm strategy, adviser to law firms, companies, regulators and governments around the world, and the insider’s insider on the Legal Services Act, will lay out a sober, cautious and scrupulously accurate briefing on what is actually happening – the key facts, the timings, the implications. Whether lawyer, leader, coach, or all three, in this one short Breakthrough Briefing you can switch from uninformed victim of this change, to informed rider of its waves!

Date: Thursday 14th July 2011, 4.30pm to 6.00pm, central London venue.  Booking Fee £100.  If you want to come but can’t make the date, please feel free to send someone in your place: in addition to being gold dust information, this is the final glorious fundraising push for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, so we’re keen for as many as possible to attend! To book a place, please contact Claire on

Warm regards,

The Meyler Campbell Team

T: 020 8460 4790


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