Silk Results 2011/12

Sherwood has 38 successful candidates out of the 88 selected for silk this year – so we worked with 43% of all the successful candidates this year in some shape or form (application form, interview or both).

Our success rate this year was 58% compared to 41% for the whole competition.  For comparative stats year on year, see Silk Application Statistics in “Resources” section of this blog.

We have already started work with, or are in discussions with, 29 candidates for the 2012/13 competition …… and it hasn’t even launched yet!

If you want to book time with us for help with a silk application, book quickly as time is limited.  Costs and services listed under the “Silk”section on this site.

Congratulations to all our successful silks – enjoy the moment – now, head down and start planning your silk’s practice and reflect on what you have learned from the silk process to shape your new world!  Good luck.


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