SILK 2014

The 2013 silk competition has finished in terms of process for applicants and we look forward to hearing how many people made it through to interview – it was 70% last year.  The results of the competition will be announced at the end of Feb 2014 (I estimate it will go public on or around Fri 28 Feb 14) and the next competition should be announced in March with a mid/late April 2014 deadline.

Last year we had 35 successful candidates on the silk list with a 64% success rate, compared to the 46% success rate for the competition.

If you have any members who are planning to apply for the 2014 competition, there is plenty of work they can do over the Christmas and New Year break to start preparing – it is a huge task so start early!  The “Are you Ready for Silk?” document in the Resources section of this blog site is a useful start point for those considering whether or not to apply for the next competition or whether to wait.

For those wanting to start preparing early for the 2014 competition, I hope the following is useful – please forward to anyone you think might find this valuable.

So, what can you do now if you are thinking of applying for silk in 2014?

  • Identify your 12 key cases in the last 2-3 years in terms of substance, complexity, difficulty or sensitivity – start by selecting more than 12 if you can and then narrow down the list
  • Use these key cases to start to identify your assessors:
    • Judges x up to 12
    • Practitioners x 6
    • Clients x 6
  • Read through the competencies to start to understand what they will be measuring about you in your application – these are unlikely to change substantially
  • In a Word document, use the 6 competency headings and start to capture the stories you will tell (predominantly based around your key cases) about each of the competencies.  At this stage just capture the best stories you have and you can whittle them down later.

Whilst the new competition has not yet been announced, any changes in the system are more likely to be minor tweaks and any work you do now based on the above will not be done in vain.

The application form is 64 pages long at the moment – if you haven’t seen a copy of it here is a link to the QC Apps website to see the form and the guidelines from the current competition (quick downloads for both are on right of their website screen) – website. – just filling it in, even when you know what you want to say, takes a few weeks!

Hope this information is useful – if you want any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Please also feel free to forward this email to anyone else you think might benefit from it.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for more immediate updates on silk or judicial competitions or sign up for blog updates here.

Best wishes and have a great Christmas break ……………..


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