Silk interviews

The QCA will contact silk candidates in the w/c 15 Sep (next week) to confirm whether or not they have an interview in the next stage of the silk process.

This is a new initiative so we do not yet know whether they will just tell people “yes” or “no” or if they will also include an interview date.  Some will get an interview date I’m sure, as interviews start on 29 Sep and will run until mid November.  I suspect they will roll out the dates/times for remaining interviews so people get a similar notice period for the actual interview.  That is a guess though.

For those selected for interview and feel they would like some help preparing for that, we would be delighted to help.  It is probably best to wait until you get an actual date for interview and then build a preparation session around that – most need the prep to be fresh and there is a danger of being “over-prepared” if you do too much preparation in advance and then lose your natural flow for the actual interview.  Costs and details of the 2 hour session with two of us are detailed under the “Silk” tab on this site.

Good luck one and all and hear from you soon!


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