CHANGES TO JUDICIAL APPLICATIONS – starting with Recorder March 2015

From April, all judicial posts will be measured against a new set of competencies.  There will be 6 of them now instead of 5, but each is still likely to be limited to 250 words each.  The substance is very similar to previous qualities and abilities, they are just more distinct and more clearly defined in the new format.

The Circuit competition will be launched before this change (2-16 Feb 15) but the Recorder competition due to launch in March will be the first competition to incorporate these new competencies – details via link below – and the competencies are tweaked slightly to match the role e.g.  family and crime.

Crime outline says you need criminal law knowledge – paperwork says you need to be able to demonstrate you can acquire knowledge if you do not have it; so evidence being able to pick up new law quickly.

For the next Recorder selection exercise, the first stage of shortlisting will be a qualifying test with three elements: technical legal knowledge, situational judgement (putting the candidate in typical situations that they might find themselves in as a judge) and critical analysis.

The highest scoring candidates in all three elements will proceed to the next stages of shortlisting, which will have a focus on communication skills and the self assessment part of the application form. Previously the JAC has not assessed communication skills until selection day.

More details on the Recorder selection exercise will be available nearer to the application date but you might want to start drafting a self-assessment based on these new competencies now, as the turnaround for current competitions is only two weeks.

If getting a date in the diary with us sooner rather than later helps to give you a deadline to work to, then get in touch.


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