YouTube video about the Recorder competition

The JAC have produced a video/talk on YouTube about the Recorder competition and it includes details about the QT and sift elements where it stresses that they are looking for all rounders not just technical experts in their jurisdiction.

The QT will be an on-line multiple choice test with 3 elements: legal knowledge – behavioural/judgment – critical analysis.  Each will be a separate test about 30 mins long.

The new second sift will be an on-line written assessment with a word limit (based on a case study) and a review of your self-assessment form – details of that process are still being reviewed.

2:1 ratio against vacancies for selection day which will be role play (fam/crim) where you conduct a case(s), plus a panel interview with 3 people.

They are expecting 1500 applicants for 99 posts.

Sounds like they will want 2 x professional referees and you may not have to have your HOCs as one of them.

Video link below that is well worth watching.


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