At last ………….

The Recorder competition has launched with a deadline of noon on 30th  April 2015:-

Updated QT reference material for prep:-

Civil QT examples and feedback – some Qs same as though used for recent mock test –

Other interesting competitions that are in progress or are due to launch soon include:

  • Circuit Judge interviews – current
  • Deputy QB Master – deadline 27 April – you can also register for the mock interview if you are not intending to apply this time
  • Deputy HCJ due to launch 9 July – no previous judicial experience required – pilot scheme available for eligible candidates but deadline is 21 April – see website for details
  • DJ (Civil) due to launch May
  • DJ (Mags) due to launch May
  • HCJ due to launch Oct
  • Court of Appeal – expressions of interest by 23 April, applications in by 6 May

Get in touch if you need help with these or other competitions.


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