DHCJ telephone assessments

There is now more information about the telephone assessments scheduled for 23/24/25 Sep, as part of the fixed term DHCJ competition .

https://jac.judiciary.gov.uk/011-deputy-high-court-judge-s94fixed-term-information – scroll down to the short-listing section

https://jac.judiciary.gov.uk/011-telephone-assessment-guidance – further guidance notes

The paper sift shortlisting for this competition will be complete by Wed 9 September, next week, so the JAC will be in touch with candidates shortly after that to confirm who has been selected for the next phase sift.

The telephone assessment will be for 30 minutes with two panel members – the assessment will be based on a document they send you 5 days in advance of the assessment and on your application form.

Telephone assessments are new, but we have developed a short telephone based session for those who might want to “get into the zone” for their telephone assessment.  Costs will be based on a one-off charge of £150 to cover prep for the call and the handout material after the session, then £275/hour for time spent on the phone call session.

So a 30 min prep session would be £150+£137.50=£287.50 + VAT.

Or a 45 min session would be £150+£206.25=£356.25 + VAT.

We do not really anticipate that people will need much more time than 30-45 mins at this stage and the focus will primarily be focused on the application form as we cannot anticipate what the prep document you will receive in advance will be based on.

If you think you might want to book a telephone session, once you know if you have an assessment, then get in touch.

Dates we can do are:

  • Mon 14 Sep with Gwyn Price
  • Wed 16 Sep with Gwyn Price
  • Thu 17 Sep with Gwyn Price
  • Fri 18 Sep with Gwyn Price
  • Mon 21 Sep with Kate Blackburn or with Gwyn Price
  • Tue 22 Sep with Gwyn Price

Final selection days are 20-23 Oct – we will also then be in the throes of running silk int prep sessions, so if you want help with the selection day, get in touch as soon as you can to book a session.  Costs and services are summarised via the judicial tab across the top of this page.


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