Silk results and next competition launch details

107 new silks were announced on 11 January 16 – their silk ceremony is on Mon 22 February 16 – CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL – it is a long process involving a lot of self-reflection, with highs and lows along the way ….……

48% of all the silks made up this year i.e. 51/107 worked with us in Sherwood in some shape or form (with advice and support at either the application or interview stages, or indeed both).

So our success rate for this competition was 63% compared to 45% for the whole competition.

We are hugely proud of these statistics.

The QCA expect the 2016-17 competition to open on Friday 12 February 2016, with a deadline of no later than 5pm on Thursday 24 March 2016.  The application form and Guidance for Applicants will be available from 12 February 16.

Start preparing NOW if you intend to apply and get in touch quickly if you want help, as we are beginning to run out of capacity ………….


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