Silk interviews this year

Based on previous years, the QCA will contact candidates by email within 7-10 days to confirm whether or not they have an interview in the next stage of the silk process.  Last year it was the equivalent of Thursday this week at 4.30pm, just for information, although it has also been a Tuesday.  Who knows when it will be this year!

For those who are successful, this will include the date for your interview – interviews are 28 Sep – 3 Nov this year.

If selected for interview and you would like some assistance preparing for that, we would be delighted to help.  Let us know as soon as you hear, so that we can match a session to fit around your interview date.  It is helpful if you can give us some idea of when you are available for a prep session to help narrow down the dates we can offer.  Most need the interview prep to be fresh – you can risk being “over-prepared” if you prepare too far in advance and then lose your natural flow for the actual interview.  The int prep session we run is 2 hours with two of us.  It is quite a tiring session so it is probably better not to be a 2 hour session at the end of the day after a long day in court.  But sometimes that can’t be helped.

For those who are unsuccessful, you will receive feedback to help unravel “why?” you did not make it through to the next stage, to help shape future applications.

So, we look forward to hearing from you soon – email is probably best or – or my mobile is 07710 553 045.  As everyone now hears at the same time, I may not be able to respond immediately, so bear with me!

To remind you of our costs and services see the silk tab from the top of this page – the home page will also include competition updates during the process too, so you might want to sign up for alerts from the option on the right hand side of this page.

Good luck everyone.

Kate, Gwyn, Simon & Ann


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