Deadline has now passed for this competition.  Fast track to HCJ route.  Process and next stages of sifting are rigorous:

  • Vacancies -up to 20; about 7 to the Family Division, 5 to the Chancery Division and 8 to the Queen’s Bench Division
  • Initial application based on 2 x competencies (Exercising Judgement and Assimilating and Clarifying Info) only plus a Q about a significant piece of work
  • Paper shortlist for next stage
  • If get through paper sift, then have telephone assessment (19/20 Jan)
  • If get through telephone assessment go to Selection Day which will be an interview and role play (23-28 Feb) and submit remaining competencies – Possessing and Building Knowledge – Working and Communicating with Others – Managing Work Efficiently.  2 x independent assessors will also be contacted at this stage.

Quite a thorough and drawn out process to filter people down for what they are looking for.  Good luck everyone.

(updated 13 Dec 16)


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