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Recorder competition launches

The Recorder competition has now launched.  100 vacancies (70 crime; 30 family).

Key dates:

  • Register online by 8 Feb
  • Online qualifying test 15 Feb
  • Online scenario test 7 March
  • If get through these two online sifts then submit application form by 20 April
  • Next sift is a Telephone Assessment 4-23 May
  • Interview and role play 6-26 July

Link to JAC website for further details.


Next silk competition …….

The QCA have announced:

“It is expected that the next competition will open on Thursday 16th February 2017, with a closure time and date of 5pm on Thursday 30th March 2017. The 2017 Guidance to Applicants and the 2017 Application Form will be available from the opening date.  These dates still await confirmation.”

Link to QCA website

Women at the Bar Survey

Results of the recent survey for Women at the Bar are now available – over 1300 women at the Bar responded (that’s about a quarter of all women at the Bar) – sad to see that 2 out of 5 respondents have had experience of harassment and discrimination though.

Link to report available below.

Makes interesting reading for those determined to help retain quality talent at the Bar.

Gender Diversity in Law Firms

Diversity & Inclusion is an important issue for law firms. There have been some improvements, yet the statistics show that most talented women are still choosing to leave firms and make alternative career choices. Overall, still only about 20% of partners are women.

Are firms really committed to change or are they just ticking boxes?  These and other relevant questions are addressed in this short survey for women in law firms to see what firms need to do to have more women in senior leadership positions.

We’d love to hear from you.  It takes just 2 minutes to complete.  It’s totally confidential.  You can get the results.

Presentation skills for public speaking

Barristers can present in court but when it comes to public speaking for seminars, conferences or event speeches that is something quite different and many struggle to find the right balance.

Christie Jennings is a partner Sherwood has worked with jointly on projects for many years and she is well used to dealing with lawyers who might find these softer skills harder to approach.  She has developed a course to help prepare members for the very different forum of public speaking.  Skills useful when pitching for work, giving speeches or presentations as well as doing marketing seminars.

The link below takes you to Christie’s website for more background about her and what she does.

I am working with Christie on this project and we are looking at a 3 hour course for up to 6 people – any more than that and individuals don’t get the same level of feedback and practice that is meaningful.  It is also useful when developing this kind of skill to get people out of their own space and get them somewhere different, to just change the dynamics and provide a more creative space for this session.  We therefore suggest running the course in London from the Practive space in Hoxton to achieve that.

A morning session could then run from 9am-12noon and include coffee and croissant type start and a coffee break in the middle.

We are planning to run some public courses for the Bar and we will be selling spaces for that at £300 + VAT per person.

It may be that some sets would like to have a specific session just for their members at a cost of £1,800 + VAT for up to 6 people.  This is equally possible and could be run internally, although getting people out of their comfort zone is a useful thing to do!

Some may then want additional one-to-one sessions with individuals or a team of two or three preparing for a particular event to help them with the structure and presentation of the seminar/workshop.  This could be provided by either Christie or me or both of us at £275/hour each for prep and meeting/discussion time.

Christie has just worked with one of my barrister clients recently to help him prepare for a dinner speech – his feedback was Happen to think your kind of skilled training is far more focused than much bar training.  Happy to recommend in a workshop environment.”

If this is something you’d be interested in developing with us, then please get in touch and we can talk through some options.

Circuit Judge launch date

The Circuit Judge competition is due to launch on Mon 2 Feb and has a predicted deadline of Mon 16 Feb – that is only 2 weeks to fill in the form.  Numbers and roles per Circuit have not yet been confirmed.  Start drafting your self-assessment now to be ready to tweak it once the competition launches.

See previous feedback from Circuit competitions from links below.

Details of past Qualifying Tests with feedback are also useful to read, although it will probably be a paper sift for this competition – we will know soon ….:

Our services and costs are detailed at the Judicial tab that you can select from the top of this page.  Good luck ………..

Silk results and next silk competition

Congratulations to the 93 new silks announced today – their silk ceremony is on Mon 16 Feb 15  …… 39% of all the silks made up this year i.e. 36/93 worked with us in Sherwood in some shape or form (either for application, interview or indeed both).  So our success rate is 54% compared to 41.7% for the whole competition.

It also looks like the next competition will launch earlier – “The QCA expects to invite applications for the 2015-16 competition in the second half of February, with a closing date in very early April. The confirmed dates will be  announced as soon as possible.”

Start preparing early and get in touch quickly if you want help, as we are beginning to run out of capacity ………….