Client feedback

Things people have said about us:

” Thanks enormously for your support, shrewd advice, tough interviewing and great enthusiasm.  It was truly a great help!”

“Thank you once again for your help: the meeting and the mock interview was a very effective process from my point of view.  Your feedback and advice was direct, constructive and targeted, and it really helped me to focus my thoughts and reflect on what I needed to achieve at the interview.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my colleagues.”

“…….I’m pleased to say that I was successful in the Recorder competition.  I’ve no doubt that your expert advice and assistance played a large part in my success.  Thanks!”

 “Thanks again – the session we had last week was truly invaluable.”

 “Thanks for an excellent session last week.  I attach a redraft of my form and would welcome any comments.”

 “Thank you for your help yesterday.  I found our meeting very constructive and helpful in directing my mind to the interview.”

 “Thanks for your help.  I think the interview went well, but in any case, I felt well prepared and able to give it my best shot.”

 “I am not allowed to tell you about the content of my interview; but I think that I am allowed to tell you that the preparatory session that you gave me proved to be very appropriate.  I would need a lot more practice to be good at the techniques; but I hope that, thanks to your help, I will not get any more practice!  I am grateful to you both.”


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