The Sherwood Judicial Team and what we do

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What worries you about the process?

  • Where do I start reviewing the personal qualities or competencies on the application form?
  • How do I choose the best referees to represent me?
  • What can I do to prepare for a competency based selection process?
  • I haven’t had an interview for years, so I have no idea how I come across to others in an interview scenario
  • I’m usually the one asking the questions.  What kind of questions will they ask me?

How can we help?

We understand how you feel and can help you make the most of this opportunity to prove yourself.  In one or more confidential sessions you will have the opportunity to:

  • Review your approach to the application form
  • Address any other issues that concern you about your application
  • Understand the competencies or qualities required for the post
  • Practice some interview questions

One-to-one coaching sessions are tailored to suit your needs and requirements.  You may want a meeting with one coach to help you prepare the application form.  This includes the pre-reading of a draft application form, a one and a half hour one-to-one meeting, Skype or telecon and post-meeting feedback (usually by email or phone) of an updated form.

Fixed fees differ depending on the application:

  • DDJ, DJ and Tribunal roles – £750 + VAT
  • CJ and Recorder – £850 + VAT
  • DHCJ, HC and CA – £950 + VAT (also includes Panel applications)

For work outside the range of work outlined above, plus subsequent work or meetings, costs will be based on an hourly rate of £300 + VAT.

If you are then selected for interview, a 2 hour interview preparation session with two of our coaches is immensely useful at £975 + VAT.  This includes reviewing your application in advance of the meeting, as well as the mock interview session itself which will also cover help and advice on the role play, where appropriate.  Having had this session you may want a “top-up” session a day or two before your interview / selection day with one of the original two coaches at £350/hour + VAT.  The “top-up” is only available to those who have had the main session first.

For some of our clients, we are working with them a year in advance of their planned applications, running individually focused coaching sessions to help them understand what is required, understand themselves and their strengths, and goals and objective setting sessions to give them the best shot at their application.


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