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Competition updates

Quick update on current competitions:

  • Deadline for silk has just passed ….. we saw over 60 candidates – will confirm actual number who applied in the end, once the dust has settled
  • 13 April at 1pm is (new extended) deadline for 2 x competencies and Statement of Suitability for Circuit
  • Track 2 HCJ selection days have started now and run until 12 April
  • Track 1 selection days for HCJ have just been confirmed (4 April), with selection days from 27 April
  • DHCJ results due end of April, beginning of May
  • The filtering job for Recorder is getting harder and harder the more this “jinxed” competition progresses.  Next stage is submission of competencies and then a Telephone Assessment – the number of candidates who will need to be filtered out at this stage is likely to be huge, so I expect the Tel Ass will need to incorporate some wider filter opportunities and will surely take a lot longer than planned (4-23 May) or need a huge number of panels to run, to deal with the 2,400-ish candidates?  All will be revealed soon by the JAC I’m sure ……….
  • DJ Mags deadline is 4 April
  • Lord Chief Justice deadline is 27 April ……..
  • Chief Bankruptcy Registrar competition delayed until 11 April

It’s a busy old time – and, as ever, if you need any help or guidance with any of these, just get in touch ……

Or maybe you’d like us to come and do a Judicial or Silk Taster?

Hear from you soon!


Court of Appeal

Court of Appeal competition due to launch 20 February.  Any sift will take place on 28 March and interviews are likely to be held between 22 and 26 May.

Link …

Just saying ……….


Deadline has now passed for this competition.  Fast track to HCJ route.  Process and next stages of sifting are rigorous:

  • Vacancies -up to 20; about 7 to the Family Division, 5 to the Chancery Division and 8 to the Queen’s Bench Division
  • Initial application based on 2 x competencies (Exercising Judgement and Assimilating and Clarifying Info) only plus a Q about a significant piece of work
  • Paper shortlist for next stage
  • If get through paper sift, then have telephone assessment (19/20 Jan)
  • If get through telephone assessment go to Selection Day which will be an interview and role play (23-28 Feb) and submit remaining competencies – Possessing and Building Knowledge – Working and Communicating with Others – Managing Work Efficiently.  2 x independent assessors will also be contacted at this stage.

Quite a thorough and drawn out process to filter people down for what they are looking for.  Good luck everyone.

(updated 13 Dec 16)

High Court Judge competition – support programme

Later this month the Judicial Diversity Committee will be launching a support programme for judges, barristers and solicitors who meet the eligibility requirements to apply to a High Court Judge selection exercise which it is hoped will launch in January 2017Thirty (30) support places are expected to be available and, as this is a diversity initiative, these will be limited to candidates from areas where we know the judiciary is significantly less representative of society – women, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates and those from a less advantaged background.

Applications for the support programme are expected to be open from the end of August, (precise date to be confirmed) and successful candidates will be notified in mid September and invited to attend a weekend workshop in November (one day only).  Applicants are advised to keep an eye on the JAC and other websites for notice of when the scheme is launched. 

Judicial appointments

Forthcoming exercises:

  • DDJ Mags – 18 vacancies nationwide – launches 28 June with deadline of 5 July.  4 Stage process – you need to pass first 2 Stages before submit self-assessment by 5 Sep
  • Spec Civil Circuit Judges – 2 x Bristol – launches 28 June
  • Resident Judges – Bristol, Snaresbrook & Isleworth – closes 7 July
  • Circuit Judges at CCC – 7 vacancies in London – launches Sep
  • Senior Judge at COP – launches Sep
  • Senior Civil Circuit Judge – Thames Valley – launches Sep
  • Senior Magistrate of Falkland Islands (2 year term) – closes 28 June – ints 6 and 8 July

Judicial competitions update

Update on current competitions:

  • Spec Civ Circuit Judge – 2 x vacancies in NE – launches 23 March 16
  • Dep High Court Judge s9(1) – selection days 6-14 April 16 – results end June 16
  • Master of Rolls – interviews on 20 April 16
  • Circuit Judge – short-listing results on 8 April – selection days 25 April – 5 May (situational Qg and competency interview) – results mid July 16
  • High Court Judge – results end May 16
  • DDJ Mags – launches July 16 – 18 vacancies

Get in touch if you need any help with any of these competitions.

Circuit judge competition

The next Circuit Judge competition has launched and has a deadline date of Fri 19 Feb 2016 @ 3pm.