We can come to Chambers and run a Taster Session (on silk or judicial applications) specifically for your members and clerks to outline the process, give some general tips and ideas to help members make the most of their application or help those start to plan their practice now for future applications. This would be a 45 minute session in your Chambers with probably two of our experienced coaches and as many of your members and clerks as you want. There would then be an opportunity for questions and further discussion. Perhaps you might want us to come and talk to members about preparing for silk and judicial appointments at your next AGM?
There is no formal charge for these sessions apart from our travel costs. Overnight accommodation costs might be required depending on the time, day and venue of the session you want.

An example Silk Taster Session could include:

  • Review of the last competition results
  • Summary of the new process and timetable
  • Changes since the last competition
  • What they really want from the application form – understanding those competencies
  • Helping you choose the best assessors
  • Sifting
  • The interview – how not to be a victim
  • Where to start …………

Contact Kate to find out more.


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